Pre-rinse set with mixer

Ref. 5632
With bib tap
Pre-rinse set with mixer



Pre-rinse set with mixer

Ref. 5632
Complete pre-rinse set with bib tap.
Deck-mounted single hole mixer with:
- Valve heads with reinforced mechanisms with ergonomic control levers.
- F3/8" flexibles and non-return valves.
- Reinforced fixing via 2 threaded rods with back-nuts.
Bib tap with swivelling, tubular spout L. 200mm.
- 20 lpm full flow rate achieved within the first 90°.
- Valve head with reinforced mechanism with ergonomic control lever.
Black, scale-resistant M1/2" hand spray with adjustable jet and 9 lpm flow rate at the outlet.
Black, reinforced, food-grade flexible hose L. 0.95m.
3/4" brass column.
Adjustable wall bracket.
Stainless steel spring guide.
10-year warranty.


Endurance - Fiabilité

Shock-resistant control levers for intensive use


Anti-torsion rotating nut and PVC sheath

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Ergonomic controls and swivelling, tubular spout

Remplissage rapide

20 lpm full flow rate achieved within 90°



Pre-rinse set with mixer

Ref. 5632
Racor F3/8"
Altura 1080 - 1200mm
Altura de la salida 315-555mm
Caudal 20 lpm
Distancia a pared 35 - 162mm
Acabado Chrome-plated brass
Normativas y certificaciones Logo ACS Logo Belgaqua Logo PZH
Garantía Garantie 10 ans



Pre-rinse set with mixer

Ref. 5632

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