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L-shaped shower grab bar, Ø 32mm, H. 1,245mm
Ref. 5071N

L-shaped shower grab bar Ø 32mm, for PRM.
Helps the user stand and secures movement in the bath or shower. Can be used as a shower rail by adding a sliding shower head holder and/or soap dish.
Dimensions: 1,245 x 450mm.
Can be installed with the upright to the left or right side.
Suitable for intensive use in public places or the healthcare sector.
High strength polyamide (Nylon): with 2mm reinforced steel core treated against corrosion.
Uniform non-porous surface for easy maintenance and hygiene.
Good resistance to chemical products and cleaning. Anti-UV treatment.
Warm to the touch.
38mm gap between the bar and the wall: minimal space prevents the forearm passing between the bar and the wall, reducing the risk of fracture in case of loss of balance.
Fixings concealed by a 6-hole cover plate, Ø 73mm.
Supplied with stainless steel screws for concrete walls.
Tested to over 200kg. Maximum recommended user weight 135kg.
10-year warranty. CE marked.


  • Tested to over 200kg

  • Gap between wall and bar 38mm: minimal space

  • HR Nylon: smooth surface, easy to clean

  • Withstands chemical products and cleaning


Características técnicas

L-shaped shower grab bar, Ø 32mm, H. 1,245mm
Ref. 5071N

Altura 1,245mm
Longitud 450mm
Distancia a pared 38mm
Espesor Nylon: 3.5mm; Steel: 2mm
Acabado HR Nylon bright white
Normativas y certificaciones CE
Garantía 10 anos



L-shaped shower grab bar, Ø 32mm, H. 1,245mm
Ref. 5071N

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